Beyond Meat Silent Killer or Healthier Alternative?

You got beef with beyond meats, so let’s break down the ingredients and see if the meat that you have with beyond beef is actual real beef. we’re going to break down all the ingredients, and see if it truly is better than meat. Ultimately if the ingredients that are in it are doing you more harm than good, we will have to break down the ingredients as honestly as I possibly could. Canola oil goes rancid super quickly, and I don’t just mean that it goes right in your fridge or in your pantry, I mean it goes right In your body. Coal oil is derived from rapeseed. by itself is already a very toxic seed; it’s not even safe for human consumption. Still, it’s easy to harvest, and it’s easy to grow so what they do is they take rapeseed, and then they go ahead and extract the oil from it, the oils toxic so they cook it, or they cure it with what’s called hexane, hexane is a neurotoxin. They take a toxic cedar poisonous oil, and they make it less toxic by treating it with a toxin. Then after that, it’s cooled and washed in bleach, so they heated up to a high degree, and then they cool it bleach. So when we take a look at kernel oil a little bit further that we look at the actual nutrient profile. outside of the fact that it’s toxic in the omega sixes are ridiculously high 2610 milligrams. A typical serving reverses 1200 milligrams of omega threes.

We want to have that be about one to one, not 2 to one, like it is in this particular oil. Still, it has to go through a fermentation process ever to be activated within the body, which only about one to 3 percent gets activated, so we’re not getting barely any omega threes out of this equation. You’re not getting the phospholipid bilayer effect you usually would get without any help. Let’s move on to the next constituent, the amount that’s in beyond meat is a bit over the top, and I get it trying to feed the world trying to make it a little bit of a cheaper way to feed the world.  we got the phytoestrogens, we got soy isoflavones, which are phytoestrogens, which means that they’ve reacted with estrogen receptors within our body. So if you take an average person and you give them some, their body is going to respond as if they just had a bunch of estrogens comes into their body. estrogen receptors become activated, and this causes a whirlwind of water retention, potential breast tissue, build up all kinds of things we don’t want, but to make matters even worse if you’re a male this is going to down-regulate your energy receptors, so you have an increasing your estrogen activity and a decrease in your androgen testosterone activity

This, of course, compounds itself because the higher the estrogen goes, the lower testosterone goes, so you end up with this vicious circle of really plummeted testosterone levels and increased estrogen levels. Now cruciferous herbs can affect your thyroid but to such a small degree. Everyone so focused when they talk about soy and the estrogen effect that they forget the fact the soil hugely glitters genic, so it affects your thyroid tremendously. You want to know what one of the leading causes of reductions of testosterone in man, it’s low thyroid function. So if we have a glitch in it compounds in soy that’s affecting the thyroid, bring the fibroid down. It’s going to affect the sauce from levels in men and is generally just going to change the metabolism in women. Fighting acid is what is called a nozzle Hexa phosphate hex apostate means six phosphate molecules that.

When something is highly charged, it means it has a lot of phosphate molecules, and that’s going to react with different things in your body very efficiently. Particularly minerals it necessarily as chelating them by having a bunch of phosphate molecules it’s chelating iron, it’s chelating magnesium, it’s chelating zinc, it’s getting copper, and that means it’s binding to it and just allowing it to leave the body. So here’s something exciting, animals consume seeds, and when they consume seeds a lot of times, they pass them out in their feces. These fighting acid compounds make it so that the seeds have their natural storage of minerals because they keep like the minerals in the body. So basically, when an animal eats a seed, that seed by default steals minerals from the animal because of the chelating effect. Then it passes through the animal and plants and germinates because it already has the minerals that it needs because of support from the animal pretty wild. Nature is cooling, but sometimes over consuming things like this all the time, it’s messing us up. We need those minerals, so that’s a big reason, but I guess it is not always bad.

The next thing is probably the most significant issue when it comes down to be on the beef, and honestly, if beyond meat could have just gotten rid of this ingredient altogether, it would have been a little bit better. this is a yeast extract.  this extract is a fancy way of circumnavigating the word MSG now it’s no MSG. Still, it acts along the same lines within the body as MSG monosodium glutamate. the thing is it beyond beef how to put MSG within their product. people would have taken one look at the ingredient list and run away because people don’t like MSG, especially the vegan community who’s generally health-conscious and looking at beyond beef in the first place. so they use yeast extract which is still glutamate and glutamate affect the brain in a very negative way. the reason that people usually put MSG in a product is to heighten the brain sort of excitement level. it makes the brain get excited so foods that taste mediocre actually taste better. our brain produces the neurotransmitter glutamate in small amounts. it’s what allows us to feel of excitement a little bit of anxiety that we need. Still, we have too much it overwhelms us. We essentially borrow from tomorrow for today, and what happens then is we end up feeling drained and wind up feeling lethargic. Hence, a case in point is that when we look at beyond meat, it might not taste that good without the yeast extract to enhance the taste because it probably doesn’t feel too good be the properties like ransom canola oil.

Now what’s going to happen when you consume a lot of good meats? you’re going to feel very foggy. We’re also going to do a lot of damage as far as information goes mainly in the brain, so it’s not something you want to be consuming alot of. It’s probably something you want to ignore altogether. The next thing is some of the products utilize synthetic forms of B12. This is a serious just cut away to try to save some money instead of using metal Kovalam in which is a higher quality B12 they use a synthetic B12. Now when you look at our products as cyanocobalamin cyano means cyanide, so you’re getting B12 that’s derived from a toxin meeting it has a toxic to the liver even consume that B12, so you’re borrowing from Peter to pay Paul necessarily you’re like you’re taking from one area of your body to help another area the body’s not the way to go. We got another bagging on beyond the first talk about the right side is the primary protein source they are using is protein, and studies have shown that people teen has a similar amino acid profile to what we need to build muscle entirely. So you’re trying to build muscle you’re trying to get adequate amounts of protein, then protein can get you there. I’m a big advocate for protein isolate using protein instead of the way so kudos to them for using this. I’m not entirely soy. You’re should beyond meat like maybe one meal. I don’t know of two meals per week perhaps it’s not going to hurt you, but it’s something that you want to stay away from entirely for the long run

Now course we have to look at the sustainability side because that’s why a lot of people go for beyond meat, but we do have to remember that slay farms take up a ton of land, a lot of the deforestation that’s happened in Brazil over the last 1020 years has been destroyed. Plantations not for livestock farming now you could argue that a lot of the slick estates are primarily feeding livestock in other areas, but soy takes up a lot of lands just like counts take up a lot of ground. So it gets a little bit hard to take a look at this overall and see who’s winning and who’s being more ethical because the end of the day we’re just be facing the earth regardless one way or the other because we only have too many people so we can’t complain about that. But we can control what’s going in our bodies. Hence, my official declaration on beyond beef is to keep it to a minimum if you’re vegan get your sources somewhere else because you’re strictly just getting protein and soy protein with some fancy flavoring and fancy oils to make it taste better. And of course, the yeast extracts to trick your brain into thinking that it’s fantastic.

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