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PS5: Official Console Design, Multiple Versions, Accessories, & MORE

The PlayStation 5 revealed just wrapped up, did it live up to the hype? Spoiler alerts..yes it did! They started with a PlayStation 4 montage then they quickly got into the new content. Everyone was looking forward to GTA 5 expanded and enhanced, which will be coming in 2021. Still, they did show footage from this game, and it seems like they’re going to expand upon the story, there’s going to be a whole bunch of new mission types as well, and obviously, this game will be enhanced for the PlayStation 5. They said that everything else we would see from this PlayStation 5 event would be captured on a PlayStation 5, which is really what it should have been in the first place. I don’t know why you’re showing me PlayStation 4 stuff in a PlayStation 5 reveal event.

The first game they started with was spider man miles Morales, yes folks a new spider man game. It doesn’t look like it’s going to be full-on new spider man game, it seems like it’s going to be sort of like an expansion to the spiderman on the PlayStation 4. they didn’t show a whole lot of it but what they did show seems to be very promising. The gameplay itself looked fun; the graphics looked terrific. They’re utilizing that full power of the PlayStation 5. this is going to be a holiday 2020 release as well so this is pretty much within the launch window of the PlayStation 5. they did not give an exact date on it this game might a launch title for the PlayStation 5 and a great way to start things out. Next up, we saw a series that is quiet lately in the series. I’m a big fan of and that is a grand Turismo 7 which was always known for excellent graphics, the car models themselves Look fantastic, and Gran Turismo 7 is no exception to this. There’s so much detail on these car models. You can see on the inside of the vehicle as far as the seats were concerned, all the different sorts of gears and for the cars themselves look stunning. They did show the campaign mode for the game. The campaign mode is now back to a standard grand Turismo campaign mode. Still, they didn’t show any cars hitting each other to show that there was going to be vehicle damage in this game, but when you’re playing a realistic racing game, there should be damage because when you hit another car as stuff happens.

Then we saw another mind-blowing game. This was arguably one of the best games during this presentation, and that was ratchet and Clank! There are varying types of gameplay mixed in with a ton of different styles of environments that you’re going to be. They’re riffs that happen that sort of change up the atmosphere that you’re in, as well the animations look insane, and there are tons of details in the beach instructable. Everything just looked just as stunning. It looked like a next-generation game like something that could be done on the current generation of consoles. The combat itself seems real. The fun as well with a bunch of different types of weapons that also impact the environments themselves, this is probably the most in-depth look we got as far as actual gameplay is concerned during this presentation for all of the games. It was a great way to show off the PlayStation 5, yes it’s not a realistic-looking style game, but this game was just absolutely breathtaking. It was arguably one of the best games from this presentation.

We got some of the features of the PlayStation 5 ran down 4K ultra Blu ray ultra-high-speed SSD raytracing haptic feedback adaptive triggers a USB port on the controller motion sensor on the built-in controller microphone and speaker 3D audio. This is all the necessary stuff that we already knew about the controller, but I guess it was nice to see we also got some more close up shots of the controller. It was a two-tone controller and like. I didn’t quite understand what was happening storyline with it like why this person was going to these different environments it almost like a bit of an alien feel to it the voice actors come on like to go to we were in the first place, so that was interesting it was potentially going to be in aliens game. Still, now it is a new game called return on I’ll have to see more from in front of you know get deeper into the story for the actual game itself before I commit interest to it, but I do think it shows some promise.

Next up, we learned about Sackboy, a big adventure now sacked boys, of course, the mascot for the little big planet, It looked like a combo of like a Super Mario game any Yoshi game in terms of the graphics of it. It looked just like a lot of fun a lot of cold environments that you visit it seems like this game is going to have Cooper up to 4 players as well, I’m not sure if that’s going to be local or online co-op I’m sure it’ll probably be bold as it seems to be somewhat the industry standard right now. Still, this game was very beautiful looking it looks fantastic. I liked what we saw from it, and the platforming itself seems like it was a rare cool thing. See, I love 3D platformers. It’s a genre of games that I always seem to enjoy, so exactly getting his 3D. Platforming game is a very cool thing.
Next up, we saw a game called destruction all-stars. It was a combat style game, and it looked neat, but honestly, I’ll probably pass on it. Now I do think the destruction elements on the vehicles themselves look very nice there was you know individual pieces of cars falling off and whatnot has a futuristic setting as well looks like it’s going to be somewhat based on characters as well they should have a couple of different styles for the game. Still, you want like a more futuristic setting, this could be potentially a cool game the next game is a game called Tina bridge of spirits, and at first, I was watching this game I was like okay so I see what you’re doing there looks a little bit mean, but then the gameplay and I was like what what what is this looks fantastic it is a 3 D. action platformer. It has excellent graphics and weather and lighting effects like some of the most impressive weather and lighting effects that I saw during this whole presentation.

The combat looks fun as well you restore different areas from evil presence to a right appearance and impact the world and trying to rescue these little furry black creatures as well it was a cool looking game I liked what I saw from this. As I said at first I was like you know whatever it’s not my sorting game, but then once that gameplay head I was like okay now I’m on board with this looks kind of like a Zelda style game, and I did that next up we learned about goodbye volcano. It seems like one of those sorts of sentimental story-driven games. Next up was again called ghost wired Tokyo, of course, we’ve learned about this game previously. Still, now we got to see this game in action in you’re trying to save Tokyo from the supernatural that is invading the city itself looked fantastic there was a lot of styles of different Japanese horror included in this game as well and the combat takes place in a first-person perspective. This looks like a big open world Tokyo setting that was very detailed.

Then comes hitman three you’re once again playing in agent 47. The graphics of the game looked solid, but they didn’t show much in terms of the gameplay. I like the hit man-games honestly, but I used to play them back on the game to hit into was just a fantastic game cube game. This game could be something extraordinary we need to see more from it; this is a traditional Hitman game, something that we haven’t seen in quite a while. The next game is a game called little devil inside now. This is a bizarre game. The art style of the play and the humor of the game was very Tim Burton, like the art style. It’s a 3D action-adventure game. The combat in the game looks nice as well. I’m interested to see how the story sort of works. They show the main character that you play as and then an older gentleman who was like being at time, but.

This game has sort of sums of potential, and since I am a fan of Tim Burton’s stop I dug the art style of this game next up we got a theory that I am a massive fan of as you guys are well aware NBA 2k21 and it was I on William St in an empty gym. Still, what we saw looked very very impressive some insane facial animations were on a sign on Williams and then almost looked like a television broadcast of an NBA game there were some instincts sweat effects as well which that always seems to be like a big priority like sweat effects on these next-generation basketball games I remember that being a big deal with the last generation as well. Except we learned about a game called bug snacks, which I don’t know. I kind of like fading in and out when they are showing this game. It just wasn’t that interesting to me. Some people on the internet seem to be very excited about it. This is more than likely a pass demon’s souls remastered is coming to the PlayStation 5. this was one of the worst kept secrets on the PlayStation 5. this is the game Bluepoint games have been working on. A lot of people were speculating on what Bluepoint was going to be next to a lot of people thought that it was going to be demon souls remastered, and here we are, we don’t see any gameplay from it. It was a cinematic trailer confirming the demon’s souls was coming to the PlayStation 5 with the remastered edition, so considering Bluepoint does excellent work.

Still, we didn’t get much in terms of gameplay got a lot of gameplay this is a futuristic first-person shooter game you can rewind time everyone is trying to tell you on this island that you’re on in their eight targets that you have to eliminate before midnight so you kind of can’t die. The gameplay looks insanely fluid. You can make physical attacks along with your weapon attacks as well. You can sort of different traverse areas by teleporting to different areas. Just think this game looks entertaining, maybe not the most next-generation looking game in terms of graphics. Still, the gameplay looks fantastic, so it has a lot of potentials. Now the next match was a game that I said was going to be at this event. A lot of people doubted me. Still, you know what doubt me now **** because resident evil 8 was at this event and lost like I don’t even know what to say about this like it just looks so good once again we did a video talking about the rumors of a resident evil five that was going to take place within a village setting. Yes once again it does take place within a village setting it would have a first-person perspective which once again was confirmed and that you’ll be playing as Chris Redfield and that was established as well this game it just looks so good there’s like a weird which creature that’s chasing around the graphics themselves phenomenal I was so.

They showed a game called pragmatic from Capcom as well you’re basically like into the band in Times Square there’s a strange girl with the spaceman, and she has a digital cat with cats in this presentation, and like It just looks stunning. There are lots of underwater segments. I don’t even know what to say about this game the characters the environments the views that you have on these environments there’s much more life in the world itself the combat looks fantastic as well just a breathtaking looking game like this look once again like a next-generation proper next-generation game something that you know will push the limits of the PlayStation 5 right out of the gate to show what the system is capable of.

Sony did not stop there. They showed off the system, and as I said, a two-tone controller. It’s a unique looking system, unlike anything that we have ever seen in terms of traditional console-like pointy edges on anything it stabs someone with an event trying to break in your house. Still, it looked pretty cool you know as a whole, but the exciting market thing was that there’s going to be a digital edition of this console so much like Xbox is rumored to have the Xbox series X. and the Xbox 1 part with the Xbox Lockard being a digit. The only system now PlayStation has confirmed that there will be a PlayStation 5 digital edition system, they beat Microsoft to the punch after this had been so heavily rumored for so long. Then they showed some of the accessories for the operation and later the presentation. Thus, all in all, this presentation was fantastic. Yes, there were some low points with it. There were some games. I probably had no business being there, but the number of games that we saw in terms of gameplay in times of deep gameplay, you know we got so much more gameplay than we did with the Xbox game reveal event.

Third-party titles like resident evil 8 and spiderman miles Morales and the new horizon 0 dawn game you got late I. P. is involved in this as well just as a whole this was a fantastic presentation. Sony had been lacking behind what Microsoft, and it looks like Microsoft is beating Sony to the punch pretty much every corner, but this was just a win for Sony. You can’t deny this like this was a great day for fans of video games, we learned about the PlayStation 5, we saw the system, we saw the games for it. Now we need to know the price of it because if they’re doing an all-digital version, that system might end up being $600 at the end of the day for both the Xbox series X. And the PlayStation 5 is looking at the $600 price point potentially because they seem to both be doing all digital editions of the systems which of course will probably be closer to $300 or $400 if they were to do that, of course, will be buying the system that has the environmental policy with it. I want to play actual deaths here, which is fantastic. I can’t wait to see what else only has up their sleeve. Now Microsoft, I believe, is the one trailing behind. They need to have a commanding presence when it comes to their first-party titles, but they will at the end of the day.

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