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Reacting To The PS5 Console Reveal

After what feels like a long wait, the PlayStation 5 has now officially been revealed. We’re going to talk about all the new game announcements that we saw and about the hardware, the box itself was officially revealed at the end of the trailer, and it’s white with some black details and blue LEDs from the inside out.

it’s kind of like a reverse ice cream sandwich, it has vents in the middle and the lighting is pretty cool. There are also 2 USB ports in the front; one is standard USB, the other USBC. And a powerful object button below it, they looked like soft-touch buttons.

Most importantly, there are two versions of this console, the PlayStation 5 and the PlayStation 5 digital edition, which does not have a 4K Blu-ray disc drive making it a little slimmer at the base. So you have two options digital or physical, the symmetry of this thing may bother people. Still, since we are just diving into a personal taste for a second, I want to point out that it’s kind of like a bunch of the random weird fan concepts that we’ve seen and what we thought it would look like all kind of mashed together.

This thing is not subtle; other consoles and even PC stuff in some instances might want to go the route of being a low key box, possibly black or matte. This thing is like a white Ferrari. It almost looks like one of those older looking Alienware PC’s where it was like an alien’s head. I do like the way it looks, yes it’s a bit tacky, but when I spend A bunch of money on a console gaming hardware I’d love to feel like I have this high tech futuristic spaceship device and this certainly gives me that feeling.

I wonder how this is going to age you know we might look back at this in a few years ago you sh what were they thinking full disclosure. I still really like the boomerang concept controller from the PS3 prototypes. I don’t know what it does look like it comes with a stand and is advertised primarily here as a vertical device, but it does also look like you can sit horizontally something to keep in mind you know especially for some of you who might be like me.

I have extremely limited space, but back to speculation time, we don’t have a price, yet we don’t know how much the suckers are going to cost. Still, I’m betting that because there are these two versions, you can presume that the discourse one is going to be a lower cost to maybe soften the blow you know that the sticker shock as they say of the high price tag of this thing also briefly the dual sense controller which we have detailed in another video it’s USBC. It’s got an onboard microphone and speakers. It’s got a headphone Jack and supports 3D audio. It still has a touchpad.

It’s got resisted triggers that can give you different sensations. Still, while we are on accessories we also got a peek at some official accessories at the end of the reveal there’s a charging station that looks like you can charge to do will sense controllers and HD camera because of course, so many of these things I do remember seeing one of these for the PlayStation 4 reveal a very sleek pulse 3D wireless headset because of course, they’ve been pushing the science behind 3D audio. Audio technology for this console and lastly an excellent simple media remote there you have it guys the new PlayStation 5.

I’m sure opinions are going to be everywhere, but also before you go out one little tree we got during the event, we got a look at the start-up sound. Like the login screen, you know when you turn on the PlayStation, and you have to hit the button on the controller. This is the new version of it we’ll play it now so you can hear it.

Expect a lot more things to come out because we do still have more questions. What does the back look like? How loud is this thing going to be? How much does it cost? And when precisely this holiday season is it coming out? They might have more color options because some people would prefer a black box regardless.

PlayStation 5 design? Do you like this futuristic deal like that it’s a little bit tacky? Or are you expecting something a little bit more low essential a little more classic from Sony?

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