Tesla + SpaceX: How SpaceX Makes Tesla A Better Car Maker

Although SpaceX and Tesla are entirely separate companies, Space X and Tesla do benefit one another. Were going to explore just how much SpaceX helps Tesla. A few years ago, Bloomberg put out an article titled “Tesla and SpaceX share more than musk” in that article, it stated the cross-fertilization of knowledge from the rocket and space industry. So there is a cross-fertilization of experience and other expertise between Tesla and SpaceX. But how deep does this go? And how much to SpaceX help Tesla? One of the significant ways that Tesla benefits from SpaceX is in advanced manufacturing techniques. Still, they’ve been able to learn from SpaceX.

According to a article that was published in 2012 titled “what do SpaceX and Tesla have in common,” that reporter stated because of the technical requirements involved in lifting a rocket into space, SpaceX engineers are experts at creating lightweight vehicles using advanced materials. Some of this expertise has trickled down to Tesla’s vehicle mass said, for example. The Tesla Model S has an aluminum body chassis. It’s the only all-aluminum car made in North America. Vehicles, including the company’s Dragon space capsule, benefited from Tesla’s battery research, so it’s no secret the automotive industry that making a vehicle with a lot of aluminum parts can be very challenging. They found out a lot of these challenges when they were developing the aluminum bodied Ford F. 150 it’s definitely essential that the model S have a lot of aluminum components because you need to keep the weight down and this allows the car to be more efficient another manufacturing technique that SpaceX helped test the with is something called stir welding according to an article from Electrek published in may of 2018 entitled Tesla and SpaceX are partnering up to create new materials to use on earth and in space that report stated Tesla has benefited from SpaceX’s expertise of high tech manufacturing techniques such as stir welding a technique SpaceX uses to join large sheets of metal like the ones used for the aluminum tank of the rockets it was revealed last year that SpaceX transferred friction stir welding equipment to Tesla but beyond the aluminum expertise and the stir welding expertise SpaceX has also helped Tesla troubleshoot issues in the manufacturing line according to the same Bloomberg article that I referenced earlier entitled Tesla and SpaceX share more than musk this article stated engineers at Tesla incorporated found a quality problem earlier this summer with.

The cast aluminum auto part that was taking hours to diagnose and fix was stopped, so they called in the rocket scientists. Tesla engineers reached out to their counterparts at space exploration technologies Corp or SpaceX for short, who recommended the use of ultrasound sensors to isolate the problem. The solution saved Tesla about 8:00 hours of work per car, an eternity on an assembly line aiming to ramp up to mass-market volumes. Another big way that SpaceX helps Tesla is with shared engineering talent; according to the Electrek article that was published in February of 2016, that report stated, “Tesla and SpaceX hired apple’s hello the expert Charles Q. two men to lead materials engineering at both companies”. The two men are now vice president of materials engineering at Tesla and SpaceX, where he is responsible for delivering materials and innovations, something he is very familiar with after over two decades spent in material science.

Were not sure about another auto manufacturer that has access to engineering talent like this with these very talented material engineers. Tesla can develop its alloys that are best used in their manufacturing processes to remove potential problems with manufacturing and also to increase the strength and maybe even reduce the weight of their vehicles. On top of that, they’re able to develop new technologies within their cars. One of the latest innovations that Tesla was able to bring out because of the expertise from SpaceX was a ludicrous mode found on the model S and Model X. According to the Electrek article that was published in July of 2015, it stated the new ludicrous upgrade might have been made possible due to knowledge acquired through rocket engine manufacturing. SpaceX test to replace the primary pack contact to use in the canal instead of steel in the channel as a space-grade superalloy well suited for extreme high-temperature environments. The same alloy is used in the manufacturing of SpaceX’s super Draco engine.

Another material that was developed by SpaceX that will be used by Tesla is going to be the 300 series stainless steel; those can be found in the exoskeleton of the cyber truck. Elon musk talked about this and called it 30 acts cold-rolled stainless steel that, of course, shows that it’s a 300 series stainless steel, and an ax tells us that they’re not revealing what the added material to make that stainless steel alloy is. But we do know this is a very specialized stainless steel that SpaceX is also using to manufacture their starship. SpaceX’s starship is going to be a fully reusable transportation system designed to carry both crew and cargo to earth and orbit to the Moon Mars and beyond. If the material is durable enough for the starship, it’s, of course, going to make one heck of a truck. It’s going to be a powerful exoskeleton on the cyber vehicle. Tesla has also benefited in some financial ways with its relationship with SpaceX. According to a CNBC article that was published April of this year and 2020 entitled here’s how Tesla and SpaceX worked with and paid each other in the past year, they said Tesla revealed in a new SEC filing some of the ways that it works with CEO Elon musk aerospace venture SpaceX.

The filing shows related party transactions that included the purchase of $600000 of Tesla car parts by SpaceX in the first quarter of 2020. that article went on to confirm a few other investments that SpaceX has made from Tesla including SpaceX purchasing $1000000 worth of battery components from Tesla and 2019 and 1.$2000000 more of battery components in the first quarter of 2020 also as mentioned SpaceX purchased around $600000 of car parts in the first quarter of 2020. Still, SpaceX also purchased some around that same amount of $600000 a car parts. In 2019 SpaceX was even paying Tesla around $700000 for a custom tool that the automaker will build in its machining facility. Tesla energy sold the system to SpaceX for $300000 in 2019, now obviously SpaceX buying parts from Tesla does benefit Tesla a lot. There’s another way that this helps both companies, and that’s by achieving economies of scale. When purchasing parts, this allows SpaceX to buy parts from Tesla at a lower price than they would be able to buy them elsewhere. This can also potentially help Tesla have a smaller parts cost as well one other way that SpaceX helps,

Tesla isn’t cross-promotion and free advertising a recent electric article pointed this out entitled check out the Tesla model acts that will transport NASA astronauts to SpaceX missions. They have an asset branded model acts that got national and global attention as SpaceX sent their first staffed a crew to the international space station. Hence, these are just some of the ways that we’re aware of how SpaceX has helped Tesla, and I’m sure there are many other ways that we don’t even know about it.

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