The harmonica has been around for centuries.

The harmonica has been around for centuries. It is also referred to as the mouth organ or French harp. The harmonica is played by using the mouth to direct air into the holes that can be seen on the mouthpiece. Sound can also be made by bringing out air from that whole too. It is specifically classified as a free reed wind instrument. This musical instrument can be used to create beautiful sounds and music while to some it is a mode of relaxation. One good thing about this musical instrument is that it is age boundless. This means you could pick interest in this instrument regardless of age as it is easy to play. It is very mobile, handy, and portable. Playing the harmonica gives mental strength and helps balance any emotional distress. It also strengthens the lungs, lips, and throat.

The 16 holes chromatic harmonica is a kind of harmonica that has a very high and quality tone. Unlike the diatonic harmonica, the 16-hole harmonica is tuned to an equal temperament which enables the musician to play on any desired key. It uses a button-activated sliding bar to divert air from the opening within the mouthpiece to the chosen reed-plate. The 16-hole chromatic harmonica is slightly over 4 octaves. The beauty of this musical instrument is that it is accepted all over the world regardless of the music genre. It is used worldwide in playing different music genre such as:

  • Folk music
  • Classical music
  • Blues
  • Jazz
  • Country
  • Rock

The 16-hole chromatic harmonica is proficient enough to produce 64 cool sounds therefore it has the ability to play a more advanced repertoire. This musical instrument is not only good for advanced players but it is also an ideal instrument for beginners. It can be used even at the highest level of mastery. Feel safe to get a 16-hole chromatic harmonica and enjoy it’s beautiful and colorful sound.

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