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The Race For Quantum Supremacy

Our current technological pave our ability to continue to make ever faster and smaller computer chips is slow today researchers think that the next big scientific leap could involve one of the most potent mysterious forces of nature quantum physics what would take years for current computers do quantum computer could do in just a few moments promising profound leaps and everything from medicine communications and space travel to an understanding of human consciousness itself well. Labs all over the world are racing to create the first commercially viable quantum computers. We try to imagine what the future will look like, and our goal here is to push the envelope to get ahead of the technology curve, so to speak so that we’re ready for what the future brings. The future will usher in the age of the quantum computer a device using quantum physics to create a network with the possibility of 1000000 times more processing streams and all computers in the world today combined.

Individual data units represented as a 0 or a one then allow computers to display numbers tax images and sounds, but a quantum computer is different. A quantum computer keeps it. It’s a combination of heads or tails, okay, and you can visualize it by thinking of spending. We call a superposition when you go below the atomic level and into the quantum realm. Physics are, in many ways, wildly different from what we perceive. One of those unique principles is superposition, and that’s what computer makers are trying to harness in a quantum computer quantum debt, or cubic uses this principle of superposition to be both 0 into one at the same time effectively multi-task, and that’s part of what makes a cubit so powerful.

Plus, a little computers run one calculation of the time, but a machine that uses quantum effects could run three several calculations simultaneously. At 300 cubits, you can code more information than all the atoms in the universe. If we only had to make individuals keep its work, we basically got that we have to make them all work simultaneously; that’s what makes this a severe problem. The engineering needed to harness that kind of power known as quantum supremacy has set off a race among computer giants to get the first fully functional quantum computer. And while the commercially viable quantum computer is likely still years away, the first computing device to tap into quantum principles called the D. wave is now being used by the United States biggest defense contractor Lockheed Martin.

We are looking at the very hardest problems the problems that are intractable we say for classical computers, which means that we can’t solve that with the number of time resources that we have issues that would take on the age of the universe or something to compute accurately. Senior quantum engineer Dr. Kristin Binns has used the D. wave to make sure that some of Lockheed Martin’s weapons systems are error-free advanced weapons systems are using increasingly more complex software like the F. 35 which runs on more than 8000000 lines of code to suffer verification problem is something that’s particularly difficult it’s something that consumes a considerable amount of resources for Lockheed Martin, and for really every other company that’s developing systems with computers inside and cost lot of money costs an incredible amount of money if we could speed it up even a fraction of a percent we would probably pay for the entire quantum computing program and so while the race to be the first to build a commercially viable quantum computer it’s a fever pitch. An entirely new computer language is being written to program these powerful machines.

So once we have quantum hardware that actually works you’re working on how to code it and how to be ready for that hardware yeah exactly crystals aboard in her team at Microsoft are figuring out exactly how to put the power of a quantum computer to use once a discovery is achieved so how many cubits can this software simulated you can simulate roughly 30 to 32 cubits okay but if we go larger let’s say we wanted to simulate 250 cubits okay on this device it doesn’t sound like a huge number, but that will take you the age of the universe to do one operation let’s say we want to understand you know how the electrons configure in the hydrogen gas I’m sorry in that structure we’re going to run the chemistry solution.

And there’s a lot of numbers flying by the simulator mimics a quantum computer only bunch lower real quantum computers will be able to solve some of the most sophisticated science and engineering problems almost instantaneously adequately convincing years worth of manual laboratory testing to just a few moments and not my reshape our world to look a bit more like the worlds of science fiction we can take you to know knowledge like this we can feed that into ways actually to engineer new materials you know.

You want better produce fertilizer. You want to find a high-temperature superconductor exotic materials. It’s not just a step in computing power; this is a quantum leap in terms of computing power absolutely. And while the sleeping computing power opens the door to fantastic science like any new technologies, it also introduces problems that we have not yet imagined or potentially intensifies dangers we already face cyber chaos this morning chances are some of your personal or financial information was compromised rasa launched a new cyberattack against the Pentagon in the last five years alone hackers breached billions of accounts and systems worldwide these attacks were all made with the classical computers we use today.

Because of quantum computer speed and power, there are no current security methods we use. They can adequately protect our bank’s identities and even our infrastructure. The irony is that a country widely accused of hacking intellectual property is now leading the world in creating its own impenetrable quantum technology for cybersecurity. For the first revolution for information technology, China follows up. So the contrast onto single malt finds something useful that maybe in the future we can be and the need to so that’s the beginning of the story at the university of science and technology of China Dr pan Jian Wei known in China as the father of quantum is created the first secure quantum communications network as a first step in countering the threat that real quantum computers will pose. So here is the control center for our phone to sign a satellite. This is the first quantum satellite in existence right.

So often it is about 500 kilometers. China does take a very basically through how this process works so so is quite simple we send a sequence of single-photon yes Sam we tried football not and the measurement on a single photon that also we need a compact a sub a series of the general key okay to find out whether we have sought out all right so so it’s quite simple. But not really. The scientists are exploiting a principle of quantum physics called entanglement a concept so strange Albert Einstein even colder. Entangled photons sensual leaped across time and space can instantly teleport their quantum information with each other over incredibly vast distances.

Philippines team is doing is linking or entangling particles to create a completely secure communication channel between 2 locations on earth and a satellite using a laser. 2 entangled particles are used to create a key to secure conversation and because of how fragile keeping a quantum connection is if a hacker listens in on that conversation the relationship between the entangled photons will fall apart and the network will Clinton’s. So this is the information is actually going through this teleconference is actually being encrypted through the quantum information systems right precisely it was this alliance all appointments and even joking that we can go to another optical fiber that we can continue a lot secure a vehicle for.

But encrypted communication is just 1.application engine way is pursuing China will be spending at least $10000000000 over the next three years on quantum technologies including computing around 13 times more than the US government is spinning on quantum research. We don’t know and what do the basics behind the contact. But we do know it exists so. Therefore, it doesn’t matter. We can’t do your such a phenomenon volumes for application. And rattling the strange nature of quantum mechanics might even take us beyond inventing new incredible technologies. It might also play a crucial part in unlocking one of the most important questions humanity has ever asked. What is the nature of human consciousness? Icing is the automating goal we want to do is we want to understand our brain right harboring what. Knowledge is somewhat related to quantum mechanics. Only quantum mechanics, in some sense, gave a sunroom fall on a specific date, which is somehow could relate to pretty well all consciousness. My computer like this might actually provide an answer to it. Maybe in Longton gold can give us on this where is the origin of knowledge that’s what we’re looking for.

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